Summer Cool Tips

Summer is back with high temperature rising rapidly everyday. And it the time to precautions for heatwaves and summer related woes. As we can’t control the high temperature outside, we have to take certain precautions to stay safe and healthy.

These high temperature and harsh climate can drain you off your energy, makes you prone to infections, vomiting, nausea, prickly heat and low blood pressure. So, a proper caring for yourself is very important. Here are some of the tips to stay cool and healthy this summer.

Stay Hydrated
Staying Hydrated is the first and foremost thing you have to do in summer. Due to high temperature, our body loses electrolytes and energy levels by excessive sweating. Drink more water, lemonade, juices and more.

Eat light
Eat light, small and frequent meals. You may feel full due to excessive heat, but don’t skip your meals, eat light and eat healthy. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Cold Showers
Cold water showers are the easy and quickest way to make your body cool. Take cold water showers after coming from outdoors and before sleep. As this will intantly make you feel refreshed, cools your body and gives a good sleep.

Wear Loose
Wear Loose, light colour and cotton clothes. Cotton clothes will keep you cool, and loose clothes will help in good air circulation in your body.

Over Exercising
Though exercising is important, don’t over exercise during summer. Change your exercise pattern, avoid outdoor exercise and choose indoors. Choose early morning or late evening as these are the cooler times.

Stay Indoors
If it is too hot outside, try to stay indoors and plan your work. Avoid going out in afternoons choose early hours or the evening to go out. Avoid activities in direct sunlight.

So follow these tips in this summer and stay cool and healthy