Palak and Oats Dokhla Recipe

Ingredients to prepare Palak and Oats Dokhla :

Palak leaves 400 grams
Pepper & spice oats 1 packet
Rice 2 cups
Whole urad 1 cup
Chana dal 1 cup
Yogurt 1 cup
Green chillies 4
Piece ginger 2 inches
Red chilli powder for sprinkling
Salt to taste
Ingredients for seasoning
Mustard seeds 1 tea spoon
Cumin seeds 1 tea spoon
Curry leaves 2 strings
Oil 1 table spoon
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Palak and Oats Dokhla preparation method :

Palak Oats Dokhla
Palak Oats Dokhla

Wash and soak the rice, chana dal and urad dal in 3 cups of water for atleast 6 hours.

Grind the soaked dal and rice slight coarsely with oats, green chillies, ginger and yogurt  with just enough water to make a thick batter.

Chop Palak leaves, coriander leaves and curry leaves finely.

Add salt to the batter and allow it to ferment for 8 hours to rise the dough.

In a heavy bottomed pan add palak leaves and sprinkle salt, and stir-fry until palak  becomes soft and cooked and all the excess water gets evaporated.

Remove from flame and when cooled add it to the rice and dal batter.

Grease the dhokla plates with oil in all the sides and the base.

Pour in the dhokla batter into the plate to half of the plate.

Sprinkle a little red chilli powder around the top of the batter.

Place the dhokla plates in a steamer and steam for about 10 minutes on high flame.

You can test whether the dhoklas are cooked or not with knife inserted into centre, if cooked, the knife comes out clean.

Once cooked allow the dhoklas to rest for 5 minutes

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves and turn off the flame.

Drizzle the seasoning over the cooked dhoklas and garnish it with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves.

Cut the dhoklas into desired shapes and now the Palak and Oats Dokhla are ready to serve.

Serve with Dhania Pudina ki chutney.