Assemble this fascinating dessert in multiple layers of cake, jam and ice cream, put a generous sprinkling of
almonds and cherries insides and crushed biscuits on top — make your very own creation ?
Servings 8

1 pack vanilla ice cream (500 gm)
1/4 tsp yellow colour
8-10 almonds (badaam) – chopped
½ kg chocolate sponge cake (see pg 26 or 38)
2 tbsp apricot jam or any other jam
1 cup grapes or 1 tin of cherries, see note
1 cup cherry syrup from the tin or 1 cup ready made grape juice


10-12 Britannia, Hide & Seek (chocolate chip cookies) or any other chocolate cookies – roughly crushed

Prepare cake as given on pg 26 or 38.

Crush cookies into very tiny pieces to form a coarse powder with a rolling pin (belan). Keep aside.

Remove seeds from 1 cup of cherries. If using grapes cut into half and remove seeds if any. You can use both fruits also. Keep aside.

Cut cake into two round halves after it cools.

Apply jam on both pieces on the uncut side.

Beat the ice cream in a bowl with a tablespoon. Add almonds and colour. Mix well to get a nice and bright yellow colour.

Put half of the ice cream into the empty cake tin.

Spread half of the cherries or grapes over it. Spread evenly.

Press one piece of cake over with the cut side up. Soak with half cup of cherry syrup or grape juice.
Put the left over ice cream over it.

Sprinkle the remaining cherries or grapes over it.

Press the second piece of cake on it with the cut side up. Soak again with cherry syrup or grape juice. Cover with plastic wrap or foil. Freeze.

Unmould at the time of serving to get ice cream on top. If difficult to unmould, loosen the sides with a knife, invert on to a serving plate and rub the bottom of the tin with a hot towel. (You can warm the towel in a microwave).

Sprinkle biscuit powder over the ice cream cake. Serve immediately.
Note: The leftover cherries can be stored in a steel or plastic container in the freezer compartment of the fridge for 2-3 months.