Dhoop Sticks Importance For Hindus

Burning Dhoop sticks is the first step in the Hindu tradition towards training the mind to center,as nothing can be achieved unless the mind is focused. According to Hinduism, it is an important ritual to do while doing puja.

Dhoopam is lighted and shown to God to fill His body with fragrance. It also, signifies one soul aspiring to reach God.

Dhoopam or incense sticks is necessary is to create an environment of sweet fragrance and aroma made out of pure material like natural products. This dhoopam and its fragnace purifies the air and it helps higher beings and ethereal beings to roam there if you are calling them.

The life air (Prana) is the food for all the living beings starting from animals to gods and it acts as the food for the soul or jiv?tm?. Using incense sticks or dhupa, the aromatic air food is offered to them in various worships, puja and rituals.

So burning incense stick is a good practice as it will at the least make the place of worship pleasant and peaceful.