Tips To Store Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the regularly used and favorite of almost all the people. Tomatoes are delicious and also very nutritious.

Tomatoes came originally from a warm climate, they can be stored at room temperature and also can be refrigerated. But if you want to keep tomatoes fresh and increase their self-life follow the below tips.

If the tomatoes are too ripe then keep them in the chilled water with little salt overnight. By next day morning tomatoes will become fresh and crisp.

If you buy unripe or under-ripe tomatoes, then keep them at room temperature. Don’t store in refridgirator.

If you want to store tomatoes for more days, then store them in deep freezer. They will be fresh for long time.

You can also keep tomatoes in wet cloth to store them for long time.

To extend the shelf life of tomatoes, keep them in plastic bags and store in fridge.

Store tomatoes on a top shelf near the door, which is often warmer than the bottom and back of the fridge.