VRK Diet Plan

Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna diet program or VRK Diet plan is the new hot topic in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana these days.

Our body functions on 2 types of metabolism one is Carbs based metabolism and the other is fat based metabolism.

Since childhood, our bodies are functioning on Carbs based metabolism. By this diet plan you will convert the carbs based metabolism into complete fat based metabolism. VRK diet plan has no carbs but only proteins and fats.

The time period for weight loss or the fat loss, depends on the person to person. No fruits and fruits juices to be consumed in this diet. The vitamins & minerals are taken in the form of multivitamin tablets.

The healthy fat diet includes 6 fat based foods like Coconut oil, Ghee , Clear Butter, cream formed above the yogurt, Butter and Olive Oil. These has to be consumed 70-100 grams daily and the quantity to be correctly measured.