Summer Season Diet For Pregnant Woman

Summer is a hot season with high temperatures increasing day by day. A proper care you have take of yourself during summer. And you need to pay extra attention to your diet when you are pregnant especially during summer days.

Pregnant women feel more hotter in the summer as they are carrying around all that extra weight, but as it turns out, their body temperatures are also slightly higher, which makes things even worse.

You have to include fresh vegetables, leafy vegetables in your diet along with the moderate quantity of fruits that provide you the entire required nutrient for you and your baby. Drink plenty of water and healthy juices to keep your body temperature cool and hydrated.

Avoid excess of sodium intake. Avoid the processed, packaged foods, which are often high in sodium. Eat small and more frequent meals, as this will keep your metabolism steady. If you gorge on larger portions, your metabolism has to work harder and generates more heat in your body.