Simple Kitchen Remedies

kitchen tips

kitchen tips

Simple Kitchen Remedies

There certain tips and tricks to follow in kitchen. By these tips you can learn the easy techniques while cooking. Here are some of the simple kitchen tips. Here are some of the simple kitchen tips.

If you want store green chillies in fridge, remove its stem and store. By this you can store for more days.

If you want to avoid the milk to boil out of the bowl, apply oil to the edges of the bowl before boiling milk.

Wash silver ornaments with milk to remove stains on them.

While washing silk or pattu sarees, add some lemon juice to the
water bucket to avoid from fading of color.

If you cut boiled potatoes with egg slicer you get nice perfect shape.

If your dosa batter becomes sour add little whole wheat flour to it to get rid of sourness.

Sprinkle some baby powder to get rid of ants.

When boiling potatoes, add some salt to it. This helps to skin to come out easily.

While grinding dosa batter, add little grated bottle gourd to get a smooth and tasty dosa.

Put a dry red chilli in asofoetida to store it for a long time.

To get rid of mosquitoes, sprinkle some turmeric water in the house.

To reduce the bitter and improve the taste of bitter gourd curry, add some mango pieces in it.

To cook tomatoes fast, add little sugar and a pinch of salt while cooking.

so these are the simple kitchen tips for you.

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