Rice is an important staple food in most of the Asian countries. Mostly people cook it in a pressure cooker or in an electronic cooker which gives you plain rice, no water. You need to go for conventional cooking techniques to get more water than usual. It’s the starch that we are running after. There’s a wide range of health benefits of rice water.

Heath Benefits of Rice Water

  • Good source of energy: Rice water is rich in carbohydrates,hence, an excellent source of energy. Drink a glass of rice water in the morning before going out and it will never make you feel dizzy or weak. And the important part is that your body easily absorbs all the energy from this soup.
  • Prevents Dehydration: In summer, rice water becomes your go-to-drink. Rice water provides your body with all the essential nutrients, which it loses in the heat. When the body tends to lose water and salts through sweat, then rice water helps replenish the lost nutrients and the water, reducing your chances of dehydration.
  • Viral infections: Rice water is widely used as a remedy for fever and it also prevents water loss due to fever and vomiting during an infection and speeds the recovery process.
  • Prevents constipation: Drinking rice water is a good way to get your digestive system running. It is rich in fiber and promotes smooth bowel movements. The starch present in rice water stimulates the growth of useful bacteria in the stomach for the healthy bowel movement.
  • Manage diarrhea: Infants are more prone to diseases like diarrhea. Rice water is more effective in controlling diarrhea by reducing the volume and frequency of stool output in babies.
  • For Facial Skin: Rice water is rich in vitamin B that helps promote the cell growth and also smoothens the blood flow. It removes dead cells and helps attain a flawless and softer skin. Regular use of rice water reduces the redness and marks too.
  • Inflammation Nature: Rice water is an effective home remedy to burnt skin and skin inflammation caused due to severe heat. Gently applying rice water twice a day is advisable in minor cases. Rice water topically can soothe the skin, clear up blemishes caused by skin conditions like eczema, and help it heal.
  • For Damaged Hair: Rice water has a number of benefits to offer for your hair. For years it has been used as a shampoo and conditioner. Rice water has inositol, a type of carbohydrate that is effective in improving surface friction, damaged cells, and hair elasticity. Massaging your scalp with rice water helps in strengthening your hair from the roots.
  • Relaxing for the mind and body: All you need to do is add some rice water to your bath and soak your body in it for a couple of minutes. This therapy is very relaxing for your mind and body.