Ragi Dosa Recipe

Ingredients to prepare Ragi Dosa :

Ragi flour  2  cups
Idli rice  2 cups
Urad dal  1 cup
Poha  1/2 cup
Methi seeds  ½ tea spoon
Salt  as required
Oil  as required

Ragi Dosa preparation method :

Ragi dosa
Ragi dosa

Wash and soak the rice with poha for atleast 4-5 hours.

Soak the urad dal with the fenugreek seeds separately for 3-4 hours.

Drain the rice & poha and grind a little water  to a smooth paste.

Drain the urad dal and methi seeds, grind it also to the smooth paste with little water.

Now mix the two batters in a bowl and add the ragi flour. Mix well without lumps.

Add salt and cover the batter with a lid.

Let the batter ferment for 8 to 9 hours.

Heat a tava or a non stick pan, grease it by dipping half of an onion in oil.

Pour a ladle of the batter and quickly spread the dosa with the help of ladle in a circular motion.

When cooked at one side, drizzle little oil on the top and sides.

Flip the dosa and cook the other side till crisp and browned.

Once you spread the dosa batter on the hot tava. Then sprinkle oil on sides and top.

Remove from tava. Now the ragi dosa is ready to serve.

Serve the ragi dosa hot with coconut chutney and vegetable sambar.