Lemon Juice Recipe For Summer

Drinking lemon juice during the hot summers helps you to keep your body cool and makes you feel refreshed. The lemon juice is also called as lemonade or lemon water and it is almost the favorite drink of all.

For preparing Lemon juice we need …

Water – 4 to 5 cups of chilled water

Sugar – 3 table spoons

Lemon – 1

Preparation Method :

For preparing lemon juice first take 4 cups of water in a bowl.

Add sugar and mix well.

Cut lemon into 2 pieces

Keep the lemon slice in the lemon squeezer.

Squeeze the juice out of the lemon into the water using squeezer.

Mix well till the sugar completely dissolves in water.

Now the lemon juice is ready to serve.

Pour the juice into the serving glass and serve chilled.