Importance of Tying Thoranam

Gummaniki Thoranam is the thoranam decoration in Hindus. It is tied in houses or in Hindu Temples.

Thoranam are the hanging decorations tied to the entrance of the door. The main purpose of the thoranam is used on those days, since no printed invitations, to differentiate whether it is a happy occasion or mourning for the people who visit that place.

Generally the thoranam is tied with mango leaves and in some places with coconut leaves.

Mangala Thoranam is auspicious and used during festival season and happy occasions in houses and temples.

Mango Thoranam is Maavilai Thoranam made up of mango tree leaves which will be tied up on the main door of a temple or house for auspicious. Mango leaves are good disinfectant which helps when there is a gathering of people for festivals are good occasions