How to Prepare Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun Ingredients

1) 1/2 Cup Instant Mix Powder
2) Oil / Ghee
3) 1 cup Sugar (For Sugar Syrup)
4) 1/4 cup water
5) Cardamoms

Gulabjamun Recipe Preparation

1) Mix together water, sugar and cardamoms powder. Boil the Syrup until it turns slightly sticky. Switch off and set aside to keep it hot.
2) Mix together instant Mix powder and water.
3) Make it to equal sized balls and heat up the pan with ghee or oil.and check if the syrup is hot. If it is not hot, heat it little bit.
4) When the Oil / ghee is just medium hot, add the bolls. Make sure the oil / ghee is medium hot else the gulab jamuns will brown with out cooking well.
5) Fry These balls until golden stirring uniformly.
6) Add these Gulab jamuns to the hot Sugar Syrup. Allow them to rest for 1 hour and Gulab Jamuns are Ready. Garnish with Kaju.