How To Clean Banana Flower

Almost all the parts of Banana Tree are useful for us and have medicinal properties. Banana flowers is also very useful for health.

Banana flowers are Common in South-East Asian cuisine, banana blossoms or aka banana flower or banana heart are the tear-shaped maroon or purplish flowers hanging at the end of banana clusters.

Banana flowers can be eaten raw or cooked and are specially used in salads, curries or soups. Banana flowers can also be steamed and served with dips, peeled apart like an artichoke. The taste of the banana flower petals will be like artichoke leaves.

To clean the banana flower, peel back the purple leaves, remove the buds until you find a white heart. Reserve two of the purple leaves for serving. Cut off the stem from it and cut the heart into half. Then thinly slice each half and place in a large bowl with water and the juice of half a lime.

You all know that bananas are the healthy fruit, but you might not know that banana fruit is also has many health benefits. Banana flowers are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The health benefits of banana flowers are like it wards Off infections, manages diabetes, anemia, reduces free radical activity, reduce Menstrual Bleeding, boosts mood, reduces anxiety and helps nursing mothers.