Home Remedies for Jaundice

Home Remedies For Jaundice

Home Remedies For Jaundice

Home Remedies for Jaundice

1 Tomato
Tomatoes are very effective home remedy to cure jaundice.
Consume 1 glass of tomato juice, with a pinch of salt and pepper, on empty stomach in the morning

Carrot is one of the home remedy for jaundice. Include carrot in daily diet.
Drink fresh carrot juice several times a day for effective cure of jaundice.

Banana helps in curing jaundice, it is the best home remedy for jaundice.
Take a ripe banana, crush it and add some honey. Take at least twice a day for better results.

2 Gooseberry
Goose berry are very effective in curing jaundice.
Gooseberry are rich in vitamin C, which is very useful in alleviating the symptoms of jaundice.

3 Radish leaves
Extract the juice of radish leaves and consume 1/2 ltr for 10 days to get relief from jaundice.
Radish leaves contains the compounds which induces the appetite and regularise the bowel movements.

4 Pigeon peas leaves
Pigeon peas leaves help to cure jaundice. The leguminous beans of these are very nutritive.
Extract the juice from pigeon pea leaves by crushing them. Consume atleast 60ml of the juice daily for treating jaundice.

5 Snake gourd leaves
Snake gourd leaves are very effective to cure jaundice. Drink snake gourd leaves juice atleast thrice a day.
Take 1 cup of water boil it with about 10 snake gourd leaves. Boil 15 coriander seeds seperately in 1/2 ltr water. Mix both and consume.

6 Papaya leaves
Papaya leaves are very effective home remedy to cure jaundice. Consume these for 2 weeks regularly.
Make a paste of papaya leaves, add 1 tablespoon of honey to one teaspoon of paste and consume.

7 Basil Leaves
Basil leaves helps in curing jaundice. Consume the basil leaves juice daily for 3 weeks.
Make a paste of 15 basil leaves, add half glass of freshly prepared radish juice to it and consume.

8 Aloe Vera leaves
Aloe Vera leaves is the home remedy for curing jaundice. Consume it for 10 days every morning.
Take out the pulp of the aloe leaves and mix it with black salt and ginger and consume.

9 Sugarcane
Sugarcane helps in proper digestion and liver functioning, and helps the patient to recover quickly from jaundice.
Mix some lime juice in a glass of sugarcane juice and consume. Drink the juice twice a day.

10 Lemon
Lemon has anti inflammatory properties which helps in treating jaundice. They unblock the bile ducts and cures jaundice.
In a glass of water squeeze 2 lemons and drink thrice a day, it protects the liver cells from damage.

11 Barley
Barley is also useful in curing jaundice. Drink the barley water frequently throughout the day.
Take a cup of barley and boil in 3 litres of water, simmer for about 3 hours and consume.

12 Almonds
Almonds are one of the home remedy to cure jaundice. Take the almonds paste mixture several times daily.
Soak 8 almonds, 2 dates and 5 cardamoms in water for overnight, remove skin and make a paste. Add some sugar, butter to it and consume.

13 Jaundice berry
Jaundice berry is the home remedy to cure jaundice. Jaundice berry bark is used.
Take the bark of jaundice berry and make juice. Consume a tea spoon of this juice several times a day, daily.

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