Health Benefits of Raw Mangoes

Mangoes are the seasonal foods and they have many health benefits and nutritional values. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium. They contain 82% of magnesium, which is vital for the extraction of wastes in the body.

Raw or green mangoes contain an acid which helps to ease digestion and control constipation. Raw mangoes helps to prevents cancer, they contain an antioxidant compounds which protect against colon cancer, breast cancer and leukemia. They also help the skin soften and breathe making it healthy.

Raw mangoes helps treating blood disorders, the vitamin C increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and boosts the formation of new blood cells.

The raw mangoes are a rich in pectin, which if mixed with honey and salt, is highly beneficial in treating gastro-intestinal disorders.

Raw mangoes are beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women like the sweet and sour taste of the unripe mangoes, apart from that the raw mangoes help in treating morning sickness in pregnant women.