Coconut water forms naturally in the fruit and contains 94% water and very little fat. Coconut water helps in digestion, urination, and even semen production. You can enjoy it during the day and even at night.

Some of the Benefits of Coconut water

  • Regular intake of coconut water can relieve hypertension.
  • Coconut water has less sugar and carbohydrates than most juices.
  • Coconut water contains antioxidants which modify free radicals.
  • It helps in quick digestion and prevents bloating after meals.
  • Coconut water works wonderfully well for treating diarrhea.
  • coconut water reduces liver fat, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Coconut water helps replenish the electrolyte and cures the hangovers.
  • Coconut water has more than 10 times the amount of potassium of most sports drinks.
  • Drinking coconut water at night will help in preventing infections and kidney problems by flushing out all the toxins and cleansing your urinary tract.
  • Coconut water is a good source of calcium, helps in bone health.
  • Coconut water has antibacterial properties, will help to treat acne.
  • Coconut water contains more alanine, arginine, cysteine, and serine.

Coconut water is a delicious, nutritious and natural beverage that’s extremely good for you.