Babool is also known by other names such as gum acacia and Barbara. Babool is a word of sanskrit language which means “that which binds stool”. Babul tree are useful in several kinds of treatments. One of the main facts related to babool is that it is widely used for teeth cleaning. Babul tree is found all through sandy and dry parts of India.

Uses Of Babool Tree

Wounds Healer: The fruits of babool tree are helpful in healing wounds and fractures. Dry babool fruits crushed into powder, and can be consumed in the shape of capsules and pills. Gum of babool leaves can stop the flow of blood from wounds.

Teeth and gums: It is commonly used as a datun for cleaning the teeth. Regular use of babul datum makes your teeth stronger, gums healthier and also reduces plaque accumulation. It also gives freshness to breath.

Mouth Ulcers: For the problem of mouth ulcer, one can chew babul leaves and keep it in a mouth for few minutes and then split. Balool is also beneficial in protecting us from throat related problems like cold and cough.

Cures stomach problems: The flowers of babool tree are good for the health of liver. Due to its nutritive, cooling and aphrodisiac properties babool acts as a tonic for liver. Its cooling element reduces inflammation and gives relief.

Treating Diarrhea: Babool flowers are suggested to be eaten when you are suffering from diarrhea. It can be used either in decoction or in syrup. Eating with black and white cumin seeds for better relief.

Controls hair fall: To control hair fall, apply the paste of babool leaves on scalp. Wash your hair after 30 minutes with a good quality shampoo and use warm water to wash.

Skin treatment: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, babool leaves are good fir treating various other skin related problems too. Babool leaves are useful in getting rid of itching and dryness.

Minor Eye problems: For the treatment of Conjunctivitis apply the paste of the leaves on the eyes. It reduces the redness and helps with the pain.