Typhoid is caused by the bacteria salmonella typhi. Typhoid spreads when people consume food or water, which is contaminated. Try to eat as much nutritious as possible to nourish your body. High-calorie foods help prevent weight loss while you are dealing with this infection.

Food Items to Consume
->Have food items which includes pasta, boiled potatoes, white bread and bananas which are high in calories.
->Take spinach soup, vegetable soup, carrot soup, chicken soup, and mushroom soup.
->Take sufficient fluids like coconut water, lassi, fruit juices and glucose water.
->You can also have Meat, fish and boiled egg.
->Up the consumption of dairy products such as milk and yogurt.

Food Items to Avoid
->Avoid high fibre foods.
->No to Spicy food, fried items.
->Don’t go for heavy meals,have small frequent meals.
->Avoid food made of cereals.
->Limit intake of ghee and butter.