Chepala Pulusu Recipe

Ingredients Required to Prepare Chepala Pulusu:




Medium Lemon Size




4Table Spoon

Green Chillies


Garlic Ginger Paste

2 Table Spoon

Chilli Powder

2 Tea Spoon


As per Taste

Turmeric Powder

1Tea Spoon

Curry Leaves


Coriander Leaves


Steps to Prepare Chepala Pulusu

First Lit the Stove and Take a Pan .If You Make Huge Quantity We Need to have Flat Pan.

We are going to Add Oil. (Add Extra Oil as per your requirement as it is Fish curry )

I have not Marinated Just Wash and Kept It.

Here we add Tempering Ingredients Mustard Seeds and Slices of Garlic.

Add Little Methi Seeds or If we can use Methi Powder Also.

Add Onions, Curry Leaves, Green Chillies, Garlic Ginger Paste, Turmeric, Tomatoes, Coriander Powder, Chilli Powder and Mix It Properly.

Whenever We Are Making Non-Veg Recipes Little Bit Chilli Powder Is Must (If We Love Spicy)

Now Add Tamarind Juice, add Water Don’t Take Much Time as fish cooks Very Very Fast (Chepala Pulusu)

Let This Cook For 2 minutes Extra Water Is No Problem We Need More Gravy

Check That If You Need More Sourness We Can Add Tamarind Pulp Or We Can Increase The Quantities Of Tomatoes Also.

Andhra Chepala Pulusu

Now Cook for 2-Minutes

Now We Can Take This Fish Piece And Add It. We Can Put This In Very Very Slow Flame

And Cover This with a lid.

Let It Cook For At Least 5-Mins Our Fishes Will Be Cooked in Tamarind juice.

After Some Time Just Remove The Lid And Check The Taste.

Last Sprinkle Some Coriander and Switch of The Flame And Let It Rest For Some Time.

Note: Whenever We Make Such Type of Dish Make It in the Night And Serve It in the Next Day than Fish Will Taste Awesome.

Fish Won’t Take Much Time To Cook. If We Over cook fish it Will Break into small pieces.