Best Iron Rich Foods

Iron deficiency is most common in many people and it also a leading cause of many diseases. Iron deficiency can be covered with supplements and also including the BEST foods rich in iron in your regular diet.
Here let us see list of iron rich foods to include in your diet.

Spinach contains an excellent sources of iron. It can be taken raw or cooked, however you take it helps in absorbing nutrients easily. Apart from iron they are also rich in protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and E.

Legumes like Chickpeas contain a great source of iron and also contain folate, manganese and potassium. They provide about 5 grams of iron per one cup. You can include the legumes like chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, soybeans , peas and lentils.

Sea Food
Include seafood in your diet to fight iron deficiency. Seafood are rich in iron content. Include Bivalve mollusks, shell fish, clams, mussels, and oysters are loaded with the important nutrients required for the body and also contain zinc and vitamin B12.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpking seeds are the great sources of iron which contain about 2.5 mg of iron in 1 ounce. They also contain a good sources of nutrients, vitamin K, zinc, manganese and contain great sources of magnesium. The best sources to boost iron levels easily.

Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds are rich in iron, which provides about 20 mg per one cup of serving. They also cotain a slew of essential nutrients, like copper, and they contain phosphorus, vitamin E, and zinc. Try to include sesame seeds in your regular diet to boost your iron levels.

So, friends these are the best iron rich foods, which help to fight iron deficiency and anemia. Include these foods in your diet and stay healthy.