Benefits of Banana Flower

Common in South-East Asian cuisine, banana blossoms (aka banana flower or banana heart) are tear-shaped maroon or purplish flowers hanging at the end of banana clusters. They can be eaten raw or cooked and are used primarily in salads, curries or soups.

Banana flowers are used abundantly in most of dishes in the kitchen, like in soups, stir fries, meat and vegetable stews and salads. The inner petals, or bracts are the edible parts in the banana flower. Eaten straight off the cutting board, they are starchy and bitter.

Banana flowers have dietary fibers, iron, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. They are also rich in vitamin E and flavonoids. They have many health benefits and have immense medicinal value.

Some of the health benefits of banana flowers include, Warding Off Infections, reduces Free Radical Activity, reduces Menstrual bleeding and increase progesterone in the body, Manages Diabetes And Treats Anemia.

Banana flowers are packed with high sources Of Vitamins and Minerals which boosts the mood and reduces anxiety. They are also used for weight loss