Ways To Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

Moving your day without the coronavirus news is impossible in the present condition. Covid 19 or coronavirus has spread globally and leading to many death.

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with many countries shutting down, it’s a frightening time. Most of us are staying in the areas which have already affected by coronavirus and some are bracing for what may come.

Fears about Coronavirus or COVID-19 can take an emotional toll, especially for those who already living with an anxiety disorder. So, overcome the stress and anxiety the following 5 tips can help you.

Acknowledge Anxiety
Experts says that trying to deny the anxious feelings will no help you to manage stress. Anxiety makes us alert and helps us to prepare and be safe. The more we are unwilling to accept the anxiety, the more our anxiety levels increases. so think it is OK to anxious and practice allowing anxiety to be present.

Limit Media
Go for only trustworthy sources and limit how often you check for the coronavirus updates. Continuous watching of news and social media feeds make you turn compulsive and counterproductive, fueling anxiety instead of easing it. So, stay away from media when felt overwhelmed.

Go for Trustworthy
Ask someone you trust to share a reliable and important updates which you need to know. And also be careful while sharing information, verify before passing it on. All of us need to do our part in avoiding the spread of rumors and creating unnecessary panic.

Control Yourself
Try to keep your body, mind, and spirit in control by some activities. Find the way like a yoga, dance or exercise, which requires concentration, and help your mind stay sharp and distract you from stressful events. Yoga and meditation keeps your mind and spirit calm and relaxed.

Good Diet and Sleep
Eating healthy is important for health. Eat a well balanced diet and have a good sleep. Food and sleep helps in reducing the anxiety levels and makes you feel relaxed. Improper diet and poor sleep can make you feel more stressful and anxious.