Tips To Get Rid of Worms In Rice

Here are the tips to keep rice, pulses, grains and lentils fresh and worms free. Rice, pulses, grains and lentils are the essential food items which we almost use everyday. So we need to keep the stock at home.

But when we store them at home, we observe small worms or insects or bugs in them. Preserving the food items in the right way is important. Here are some of the tips to keep you food items like rice worms free

Neem Leaves
To keep away pests and worms in rice, tie few dry neem leaves in a muslin or cotton cloth and keep it in the container in between rice. You can also use dry neem leaves powder or directly mix neem leaves in the rice and grains.

Put some camphor pieces in between the rice in the container or you can also tie camphor in musin cloth or cotton cloth and place in the container.

Dry Red Chillies
Add couple of dried red chillies in the rice container when storing rice. The pungent smell of red chillies will keep the pests away.

Bay Leaves and Pepper Corns
Put bay leaves and pepper corns in the rice container. Mix with the grains and also put some at the top of the container to keep the worms away.

Boric Acid
Boric acid or boric powder is a good preservative which kills the bugs. Mix boric powder in the rice while storing them in the container.

Right Place And Right Container
Storing the rice in the right place or the right container is also very important. Always store in air tight container and the best storing location is dark and cool dry place.

So friends follow these simple tips to keep your rice, pulses, grains and lentils fresh for a long time without any insects or worms.