Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, it’s important to take care of yourself along with the baby inside your womb. Instead of worrying about what to eat and what is good for your baby try to be healthy and happy.

Eating healthy, staying healthy is the most important during your entire journey of pregnancy. Let us see some of the tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is very important for everyone. A pregnant women needs to drink more water than the normal woman. During pregnancy more than 8 to 10 glasses of water is required for the body. Drinking water helps to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, UTI’s, fatigue, headaches, swelling, and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

Balanced Diet
A well balanced and a healthy diet is essential for the growth of fetus. So eat nutritious food, include a wide range of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium-rich foods, and foods low in saturated fat.

Harmful foods
Know about the foods which are harmful for your baby. Take advice from experts. Avoid those harmful foods which are dangerous for your baby and also avoid cigarettes, alcohol, street drugs and over-the-counter medications.

During pregnancy try to stay active. Do the exercise and yoga recommended by your health care provider. If you were not exercising before pregnancy, then do walking, swimming, prenatal exercise or prenatal dance classes. Moderate exercising regularly makes labor shorter and less painful and decreases the risk for cesarean surgery.

Stay Clean
During pregnancy maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Regular hand washing can protect you from many infections like Fifth disease, cytomegalovirus and chickenpox. These infection can cause birth defects and other severe complications for the baby. Choose an alcohol based hand sanitizes.

Manage your stress
When pregnant manage the stress levels. Keep communicating with your partner or any family members. Share your feelings and what you feel inside your womb with your partner and build your support system.

Take enough rest
Get plenty of rest and try to sleep 7 to 9 hours which is ample sleep important for you and your baby. Let your body decide whether if you need short breaks during the day and to determine how many hours of sleep you need at night.Try to sleep on your left side to improve blood flow to you and your child.

So, follow these tips for a healthy pregnancy and enjoy this special time in your life!