Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Precautions and things to avoid during pregnancy
1 Alcohol :
During pregnancy avoid Alcohol, it may cause FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
2 Cigarette :
Avoid Cigarette during pregnancy, as it may cause SIDS – Sudden Infants Death Syndrome .
3 Caffeine :
Caffeine may cause nervousness, irregular heartbeats, sleeping problems, irritability and anxiety.
4 Fish :
Avoid some kind of fish like shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tilefish in pregnancy.
5 Artificial food colors :
Avoid Artificial food colors and Ajinomoto which are used in Indian sweets and curries during pregnancy.
6 Avoid medication without doctor’s advice. Because some medications may be harmful to your baby.
7 Hot baths :
Avoid hot baths which increases the body temperature and cause the overheating which may effect the baby development.
8 Raw Food
Avoid eating raw food like raw fish, meats, poultry may cause infections or parasitic disease.
9 Papaya & Pineapple
Avoid Papaya and Pineapple during pregnancy as these fruits may cause miscarriage.
10 X-rays :
Avoid X-rays and microwaves during pregnancy as the rays may harm your baby.