Summer Hand Care Tips

Summer is a season with high temperature. It is the time to take care of yourself. Our hands also need special attention during summer hot days.

A proper care and some of the simple tips can help you to have a beautiful hands. Here are some of tips to follow to take care of your hands during summer.

Moisturizing Lotion

Apply the moisturizing lotion over the hands to save your hands from the sun burn. The moisturizer gets absorb into the hands easily. Apply water based lotion at the day time and oil based moisturizing lotion before going to sleep.

Sunscreen Lotion

Exposure to sun may cause skin cancer, black spots or brown spots due to the UV rays. Apply sunscreen lotion to protect your hands from UV rays.


Use scrubber for washing after coming from outdoors. After cleaning the hands apply small quantity of scrub and massage all over the hands. This helps to remove dark spots.

Hand Massage

Hand massage is also important during summer. Hand Massage increases the blood circulation and also makes the muscles relax. Try palm massage, finger massage and stimulating massage.


Wear the gloves to protect your hands to some extent from the hot sun. Choose light colored, smooth and fully covered gloves. Not only outdoors, you can also wear gloves when you are in garden or driving or cooking.

So friends follow these summer hand care tips and have a beautiful hands.