Stress in working women

Ladies are prone to fall in mentally sick due to stress in office and at home.

Women’s health creates an impact the entire environment where she lives and works. The health issues arise due to mental tension, stress, depression and anxiety which is found in almost all the working women at office, running business and at homes. Now days, women are exposed to official jobs, commerce along with maintaining the private life in the society. It does not matter being married or unmarried, but everyone is going through the stress and depression through out the world. The materialism affects the human beings in the modern society so that a women bound to step into jobs and some business to aid the family financially and to make her self economically independent in expensive world. But to be a multi tasking women pays a lot in fact which creates problems in her health and mind, which leads to short life span.

Say it the proper utilization of education or to have education to join an office for money, women invites pain and suffering to satisfy her ambition and craze. Being a multi tasking women is too tough to handle well and properly. Always there is a chance to hear allegation and receive harassment both from the family and the work place. If she is a single by status her problem doubles by which she tends to some addictions like alcohol, drugs, tobaccos and dirty habits. By using alcohol and drugs she faces difficulties in pregnancy and productivity in work. An excess work pressure and dissatisfaction in job pushes her to the depression for which she becomes imbalanced mentally and prefers to be addicted to bad things. If she is a married women she is the victim of all the responsibilities and duties both at home and office so that she goes through depression. Neither her family understands her problem nor the boss at office for which she gets headache, aches in body, irritation, frustration and weakness.

stress in womenStress is no doubt a psychological disease but it affects health and creates lots of physical problems. These days’ women are running to doctors and browsing websites to get rid of stress and depression but nothing works really until self realization takes place in mind. Some experts insist for Yoga, exercises, travel, and some pills with balanced diet. But all these things never have been effective for all the working women in stress because of the problem of time management and self consciousness. The so-called multi tasking modern women are knowingly or unknowingly moving on stress due to various reasons that they may be ignorant of, like lack of family support and encouragement, colleague behavior and boss temperament in office, dissatisfaction from spouse and in laws, children rough behavior etc create havoc in their mind for which they fall in mentally sick and develop health in critical condition.

The hectic lifestyle of today brings stress and sickness for the women alluring the materialistic pleasure and high salaries. Always stress remains in disguise and gets erupted when a women disturbed and dissatisfied with the job, job environment and an environment she stays. To be a mother with job is further difficult task to maintain. The children of the family should have good ideals and environment to grow up in the shadow of mother’s love, which the working mother used to fail to provide the proper care and teachings that her children need from her in infancy. And as children grows up their behaviors and lifestyle become more irresistible. Consequently, a mother gets suffering and mentally depressed and all her realization goes in vain.

Therefore, self-awareness is required for all the women who are in job and running independent business. To take a proper care is indeed a challenging task in the busy society but women have to realize first before they take care of others and service. If a son becomes mentally healthy then his father gets benefited but if a girl becomes mentally healthy, entire family gets benefited. So, choice is in our hand, what to do and how to manage everything, God gifted life that is health is wealth.