Saffron During Pregnancy

Saffron plays an important role during pregnancy, it has many medicinal properties and health benefits. Saffron is widely used as spice for seasoning and food coloring. It is the most expensive spice or herb in the world. Saffron is well known for its benefits to human health and which is packed with nutrients that are prominent during pregnancy.

Saffron is a good muscle relaxant which helps in pregnancy. It improves digestion and appetite by supplying the blood uniformly to all the parts of the body. Saffron also aids in controlling your mood swings and reduce blood pressure during pregnancy.

Saffron is also known as kesar or zafran and during pregnancy it is added to milk and consumed. There is a saying that saffron milk may result in fairer baby.

Saffron helps to releive stress and pains and aches. It also treat morning sickness and it is an excellent source of folate.

But it has to consumed moderately as it may cause some side effects. As the consumption of saffron in large doses, can act as a uterine stimulant and could cause contractions.