Rice Vadiyalu Preparation Method

Rice vadiyalu or biyam vadiyalu is the famous vadiyalu recipe prepared with raw rice. This is summer recipe as the Rice vadiyalu are prepared in summer and stored for the whole year. The stored vadiyalu are deep fried and served with meals whenever necessary.

Ingredients :

Raw Rice : 1 Glass

Water : 7 Glasses

Sesame Seeds : 2 Teas Spoons

Jeera : 1/2 Tea Spoon

Salt : To Taste

Preparation :

Take 1 glass of raw rice, wash and soak overnight.

Next day strain water and grind the rice in smooth batter by adding little water.

In a bowl take 7 glasses of water

Keep the water bowl on flame

Add sesame seeds, jeera and salt to the water.

Add 2 tea spoon os sesame seeds, ½ tea spoon of jeera and salt to taste.

Cover with lid and let the water to boil.

After few minutes, remove the lid

Add the rice batter to the boiling water by stirring continuously.

Cook the batter for few minutes, till the batter thickens.

You can see a little colour change of the batter after cooked.

Remove from flame.

Spread a cover on a flat surface like any table in the sun.

Pour this batter in small circles like vadiyalu or papad.

Keep them in hot sun from morning to evening for 2 days.

Once dried the vadiyalu are ready to fry.

Store them in a airtight container.

Fry these biyam vadiyalu or rice vadiyalu whenever needed.

Serve with rice and dal, samber or curd rice.