Neer Dosa Recipe

Ingredients to prepare Neer Dosa :

Raw rice  1 1/2 cups
Fresh grated coconut  2 table spoons
Salt  to taste
Oil  as required

Neer Dosa preparation method :

Neer Dosa
Neer Dosa

Wash and soak rice for at least 3-4 hours.

After 4 hours drain the water and grind the rice along with the grated coconut to a fine paste adding water as required to a fine smooth paste.

Add salt and mix well.

To test the consistency of batter, the batter should not form a coating on the back of the spoon. If it does, add more water to the batter. It should appear like buttermilk consistency.

Heat tawa on high flame and grease it with oil.

Now reduce the flame and pour a ladle full of batter from the sides of pan in a circular motion. Fill the center and holes if any with more batter.

Cover the dosa with a lid over the pan and cook on medium high flame for a minute.

When the sides will leave the pan and the upper lay will appear dry, slowly lift the sides with a spatula, fold in half and again fold it in half to form a triangle.

Note : The dosa will be in white color only.

Remove from tawa, place on a serving plate. Now the Neer Dosa is ready to serve.

Serve the Neer Dosa with chutney of your choice, egg curry or chicken curry.