Natural Ways To Have A Glowing Face

A Beautiful and glowing face is everyone’s dream. Everyone may not have a beautiful and glowing face. But with proper care and with simple tips and tricks you can get a smooth and glowing face.

Apply Butter and turmeric mixture on your face to get a smooth and glowing face.

Include carrot and leafy vegetables in your regular diet. These helps to purify your blood and keep your skin healthy.

Massage your face with Cabbage leaves for a fresh and glowing face.

Massage your face with pineapple and papaya fruit pieces to have glowing skin.

Mix 1 spoon tomato juice with 1 spoon curd and apply on the face for a glowing face.

Extract juice of mint leaves and apply on your face to get rid of acne and pimples. This also cures winter dry skin.

To remove spots of your face, make face pack with 1 table spoon of cucumber juice, 1 spoon multani matti, 1 spoon honey, 1 spoon lemon juice, 1 spoon potato juice and turmeric powder and apply this on your face.