HIV test mandatory for pregnant women

Pregnant women to go through HIV test

HIV positive is the matter of thought worldwide as it ruins an entire family. Particularly for pregnant women who are going to produce another life are seriously under the threat of HIV. The most deadly HIV positive virus AIDS spares nobody who comes across with blood contact by the patient AIDS- an blood contact disease transmitted from the source to an involved being and then affects the future being. It acts like slow poison in the body and kills everyone who is affected by the virus.

HIV test has been mandatory for pregnant women in India as passing AIDS virus from mother to child is a human rights violation.

HIV test mandatory for pregnant womenThe parliamentary forum on HIV and AIDS has informed strictly to all the pregnant women to go for HIV test and have clear cut knowledge about the safety of upcoming children.The mandatory implementation by the government in India may result positive and provides upcoming baby’s safety.  HIV free generation can only be possible by the strict and serous government’s efforts and the general awareness of men and women. This is an act of human rights violation if HIV positive virus affects a newborn baby, and this is of course a danger and threat to the future generation in the world. The government of all the countries tries to stop to establish an AIDS free world, HIV AIDS whose medicine is still under the experiment by the scientists worldwide but time knows whether the human kind will get the success in his research.

Therefore preventive is better than cure formula is the key to have HIV AIDS free baby. The pregnant women having affected by HIV virus should be consoled and it is the duty of her family head to take her to doctor and to be treated properly to get rid of the future problem for new born baby, because an innocent new born should not suffer without committing any sin at all. Thus the parents should be aware of this thing and should not make their upcoming child be victim of the incurable disease.

The generation without HIV AIDS is only possible if the virus is detected and tested in every single pregnant woman before delivery. Of course, it will take time but the government and non government organization’s campaign against HIV AIDS will surely bring some effect for the new born baby who is about to be afflicted by HIV positive virus in its mother’s womb. India is having 2.5 million HIV positive people and thousands of children babies are born with HIV positive signs from their mothers.

All we need:

1. Strong political leadership to HIV prevention
2. Set up of HIV test centers and care and treatment to be provided either freely or cheaply.
3. The awareness to be made by the ground level of administration
4. Government and NGO’s effective campaign
5. Effective media campaign

HIV AIDS can be controlled somehow by an implementation of strong political polices, public awareness and projects done properly by the medical experts. The mission to dictate HIV AIDS in the pregnant women and to eliminate the virus from the newborn baby can be successful if an entire human society will proceed for the HIV free generation.