Health Tips With Orange

An orange provides a range of vitamins and minerals; and 130 percent of your vitamin C needed for the day. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), eating higher amounts of a compound found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit may lower ischemic stroke risk for women.

Orange is a citrus fruit and it has an excellent source of vitamin C, which can do wonders for your skin. Apart from the fruit itself, orange juice and even orange peels can provide a range of benefits to your skin.

When you are eating an orange, make sure you cut it in a way that the inner peel doesn’t come off since it is very nutritious and has higher amounts of hesperidin than the flesh itself. orange can reduce skin problems in teens.

Orange improves heart health, Orange peels contains nobiletin, a type of polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), compounds which are found to exert positive effect on the heart. These compounds lower your risk of heart disease and inflammation.