The name Britney Spears is legend around the world. So famous is Britney Spears now that it’s impossible to imagine a World in which she doesn’t exist. Britney Spears was born on 2nd December 1981 in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana, to parents Jamie and Lynne Spears, Britney is their second child of three. Britney Inspires more from top pop stars like Madonna, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and learnt dance and singing. After taking extensive dance and vocal lessons and performed lot of talent shows and fairs, Britney has selected for “The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1989 TV series) [1989-1994]” when she was 8, however she was too young to get the part. Britney and her mother and baby sister moved to New York where she starred in several TV adverts and an off broad way play “Ruthless”, where she was under study with Natalie Portman. Her love of music and dance took over and 2 years later she auditioned for a part in Mickey Mouse again and this time won the part along with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. As a Musketeer, Britney received extensive training in dance, drama and singing and had to grow up a lot during that time. As a young teenager, Britney soon grew restless again and at this time was desperate to become a star yet again. Again, she traveled to New York and sent out demo tapes to various labels including Sony and Mercury, but was turned down. It was Jive Records that finally took the young Britney on and set out on making her the star she is today.

She hit the studio with writers/producers such as Max Martin and Eric Foster White and the result was her debut album. In late 1998, Jive released her debut single “(Hit me) Baby one more time” which was a pop hit around the Globe, accompanied by the sixteen year old first of many controversial acts – the video, which featured Britney dressed in a Catholic Schoolgirl Uniform, baring her midriff, which was soon to become her trademark. Nonetheless, the single was a smash worldwide and Britney was instantly a Household name. Her debut album was released a few months later in early 1999 and like the single took to the top of the album charts, where it remained number one for six weeks. The album has now sold millions worldwide and is officially 14 x platinum in the US. Her next controversial act, after the video, was to take the cover of Rolling Stones magazine in a suggestive pose, but as Britney mania took off, the 17 year-old became more and more popular. Appealing to young girls, teenage boys and older men, Britney was on her way, yet nobody could have predicted at that time the impact she would have on Pop Culture. The second single, “Sometimes” was released in June 1999 followed on by the top 10 hit “Crazy” in September and “from the bottom of my broken heart” soon after. Britney ended 1999 selling over 10 million copies of her debut and as the Billboard Top Female Pop Artist, Top New Pop Artist, Top Billboard 200 album Artist and Top 100 singles Artist – female. The American Awards, MTV and Teen Choice awards soon began rolling in and in early 2000 Britney were nominated for two Grammy awards.

At just 18, Britney released her second album in 2000, the no.1 smash “Oops! I did it again” and single of the same title, which topped the singles chart for 5 weeks. Smash singles “Stronger” and “Lucky” followed, but it was around this time that Britney was beginning to rise more than a few eyebrows. It seemed some people weren’t too happy with the message she was sending their impressionable young children. On one hand, Britney was the perfect picture of innocence, declaring herself a Virgin until marriage yet on the other hand, she was sexually charged and provocative, with performance such as the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000, when her costume made her appear scantily clad. As the young woman was growing up, it seemed there was an internal conflict between her, her management and her mother, all pulling her in different directions. Yet the image the public saw was a gorgeous young woman, beautifully dressed and damn close to perfection, often labeled the “Pop Princess” around the world. Still, the awards kept rolling in and in early 2001 Britney struck a lucrative deal with Pepsi-Cola for Sponsorship and advertising. The 19 year-old was growing up fast, with the media constantly fixed on what she was and wasn’t doing, her “rivalry” with former fellow Musketeer Christina Aguilera and also her blossoming relationship with N*Sync heartthrob Justin Timberlake. Britney was keen that people saw her as a growing woman as she began to ready the public for her next LP release in late 2001.

In November, she hit the top 10 with the sexually charged “I’m a slave 4 u” which took a completely different turn in musical direction from her previous singles and in the same month released her third LP, self-titled “Britney” which shot to the top of the albums charts, breaking records for a female artist. In early 2002, the 20 year-old Britney released “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”, taken from the soundtrack of her debut movie Crossroads (2002) which was released in February that year. She soon after hit the charts with “Overprotected” and also toured Worldwide on the “Dream within a dream tour”. Her star was by no means fading, with “Forbes” declaring her “The Worlds most powerful celebrity” in mid-2002.

She seemed to get herself back together for her new album released in late 2003. In a blitz of publicity which included the infamous “Like a Virgin” performance and Madonna kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards in August that year. The new album “In The Zone” was a bid to be seen as a woman and caused controversy with songs on it such as “Breathe on me” and “Touch of my hand” – which was about masturbation – however, the appeal of Britney was still there and the album topped the Billboard 200 albums charts. The first single to be lifted was “Me against the music” a club hit that featured pop icon Madonna and singing with her was a dream come true for Britney. Britney soon released one of her biggest singles, “Toxic” which topped various charts around the world including the UK and Canadian singles charts. The single was a smash-hit and silenced any critics that said Britney no longer had what it took to make a comeback. Other singles off the album included the Gold Selling “Everytime”, which topped the UK singles charts and like usual, also carried a fair amount of controversy for its video, which allegedly depicted the star committing suicide after a fight with her boyfriend, played by Stephen Dorff ; however, this was “changed” to an accident in which she drowns yet reincarnates. Britney released a single off her upcoming “Greatest Hits” album released in November 2004 a cover of Bobby Browns 1988 hit “My Prerogative”.

In February 2005, Britney won her first Grammy for the single “Toxic” as Best Dance Recording. Just two months later, it was announced Britney was pregnant her first child. A reality TV Series “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” (2005), which featured the pair getting to know each other the previous year, leading up to their wedding aired on UPN and eventually got a world wide audience, despite harsh criticism. In September 2005, Britney evolved yet again, this time as a devoted wife and mother, with the birth of her first child, a Son, which she named Sean Preston. In November that year, she released a remix album “B in the mix, the Remixes”.

Looking back over the last seven years of this remarkable ladies career and life, it really is hard to imagine what the face of Pop would look like without her. Here is a 24 year-old woman who has grown in the face of the glaring media from innocent School-girl to Sexual Pop Vixen to Young wife and Mother. Who knows what is next for Britney? Rumours of a comeback album for 2006 have been circulating for a while and also a few more movie productions, yet one thing is for certain: Britney Spears has worked hard to get to where she is today and by no means will she be disappearing any time soon. Her name and face is legend in the media and celebrity circuit and it’s surely only a matter of time before Spears shocks us all again, with her next album or tour or movie or personal move. One thing is for certain though: the public will be watching.