Best Foods Eat During Fever

Amazing Food to Eat During Fever

1 Fluids
If you are suffering from fever, you have to intake lot of fluids for few days.
Orange juice is beneficial as it is rich in vitamin C, enhances natural immunity and increases the body’s ability to fight diseases such as fever.

2 Soft Diet
A soft diet is recommended in Fever. The diet like steamed vegetables, porridge, boiled eggs and yoghurt.
The soft foods are easy to digest and supply loads of energy necessary for hastening the recovery process.

3 Vegetable broth
Vegetable broth is beneficial, when suffering from fever. Rice porridge, ginger combined with vegetable broth is the best diet.
It is easy to digest and ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which help in eliminating the fever at the initial stage.

4 Chicken soup
Chicken soup also provides nutrients, warmth and proteins for the person suffering with fever.
Chicken soup helps in reducing congestion, flu-related symptoms, fever and high body temperatures.

5 Probiotic foods
A research revealed that probiotic foods can effectively heal fever and cough. These foods can be used as antibiotic in children.
The foods rich in probiotic are yogurt, fermented cabbage, fermented soya products, sauerkraut and buttermilk.

6 Fresh fruits
Fresh and all-fruits are good for those suffering from fever. Fruits are easy to digest, and loaded with a variety of vitamins.
The recommended fruits are oranges, apples, grapes, lemons pineapples etc.

7 Eggs
Eggs are preffered for those suffering from fever.
Boiled egg is nutritious and it increases antibodies and production of white & red blood cells. This helps fight infections in the body.

8 Herbal Tea
Herbal tea or Tulsi chai is given during fever. It provides relief from cold, cough and a sore throat. Tulsi or Basil Tea helps to rejuvenate your mood.

9 Khichdi
Khichdi is the recommended Indian food preferred during fever. You can add lemon pickle with it.
Khichdi is light, easy to digest and low in calories too. Team it up with lemon pickle

10 Roti
Roti is made with whole grains and it is healthy and nutritious for those suffering with fever.
Rotis are easy to digest and recommended to avoid ghee or oil.

11 Dalia
Dalia or Broken wheat are can be consumed during fever.
Dalia is easy to digest, healthy and nutritious during fever.

12 Curd rice
Curd is given during fever as it can provide a soothing effect to a sore throat.
But chilled yogurt is avoided as it can worsen the throat problems.