Coriander popularly known as” Dhaniya” in India, is an herb and incorporate the spice in all delicacies. Coriander seeds come from the plant as cilantro. Coriander Seeds can be used in many medicines. It is filled with fibres and also have anti-diabetic properties.

Coriander Seeds Benefits

Protect your Skin and Hair: The Coriander seeds are rich in vitamin K, C, B also contains antioxidants and minerals which promotes skin and hair health. Coriander Seeds fights skin problems like eczema, itchy skin, rashes and also cures mouth ulcers and sores. Coriander Seeds extract prevents from skin ageing also skin damage.

Lowers blood sugar: The antioxidants and other important vitamins present in Coriander Seeds helps in regulating blood sugar level in the body.

Promote Heart Health: Coriander Seeds reduces blood pressure, blood clots and strokes in people suffering from hypertension due to its diuretic effect on body.

Enhance Digestion: Coriander seeds contain antioxidants and dietary fibres , which aid the healthy functioning of the liver. Soak Coriander seed in water overnight and drink that strained water early in the morning to avoid indigestion.

Promote Menstrual Health: Consuming coriander seeds soaked in warm water helps with cramps and bloating during menstruation. Coriander Seeds activates the endocrine gland and hormones which helps in regulating the flow.

Lowers Cholesterol: The acids present in Coriander increase good cholesterol, and reduces bad cholesterol. It prevents cholesterol from settling along the artery walls.

Treat Conjunctivitis: Coriander seeds treats itchy eyes, and symptoms of conjunctivitis.

Side Effects Of Coriander Seeds:

  • May reduces sugar level too much in your body.
  • Also can reduces blood pressure too much.
  • Excessive use of Coriander seed may lead to liver problems.
  • Pregnant women should use Coriander Seeds in limited quantity.