Beauty Tips For Hair And Skin

Beauty is the very important in one’s life. Being a women, she wants to be most noticeable, beautiful and avoid signs of aging. Here are some of the tips for a beautiful and glowing face.

Orange juice helps to reduce pimples, acne and get a glowing skin.

Eat an orange day to keep your face and skin glowing naturally.

Dry the orange peels and make a powder. Mix that in the bath powder, and apply and rub it on the skin before the bath. This helps to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and glowing.

For oily and dull hair, mix 1/2 glass decotion, 1/2 glass beer, lemon juice and orange juice and apply on the hair and let it dry after the head bath. This gives a silky and beautiful hair.

Add rose petals or milk or sandal wood powder to the bucket of water and take bath with it it. This gives your body a good fragnance all the day.

Soak the orange peels in the water of your bath bucket and take bath. This makes your hair and skin shining.

Mix sugar, coconut oil and lemon juice together and massage it on face and hands. It acts as a good cleanser, removes the dead skin cells.

Massaging your face with the oils in the proper way keeps your face skin tight and avoid wrinkles.

For oily skin, mix whole wheat flour with some water and apply as face pack. This reduces the oily or greesy face.

Mix 1 spoon of rice flour with little honey, apply on face and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off with cool water. This helps to remove wrinkles on face