Chakkara Pongali Recipe

Chakkara Pongali Recipe Chakkara pongali is also known as sweet pongal. Chakkara pongali is the famous and traditional sweet recipe prepared during festivals. Chakkara pongali is offered to God. ? Ingredients Rice – 2 kgs Moong Dal – 1/4 kg Jaggery – 1 1/4 kg Sugar – 1 1/4 kg […]

Pulihora Recipe

Pulihora Recipe Pulihora is a famous and traditional recipe of India. Pulihora is the rice recipe which is served as prasadam to Gods during festivals. ? Ingredients Rice – 3 kgs Tamarind – 300 gms Salt to taste Turmeric – 2 table spoons Green chilli – 200 gms Jaggery – […]

Puffed Rice Snacks

Puffed Rice Snacks Today let’s see how to prepare 2 minutes murumura snacks. This murumura or puffed rice snacks are best snacks for summer evening. ? Ingredients : Murmura or puffed rice – 4 cups Putnalu or Roasted Bengal Gram – 1/2 cup Palli or Groundnut – 1/2 cup Mirchi […]

Dabbakaya Pickle Recipe

Dabbakaya Pickle Recipe Dabbakaya Pachdi is traditional South Indian traditional Pickle dish preferred in most South Indian homes especially in Andhra Pradesh. Pickle/ Pachadi is normally consumed as first mudda. A typical Andhra meal would be incomplete without pickle / chutney. This Dabbakaya chutney is traditionally eaten with hot rice […]